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Nonautomated Libraries

For nonautomated libraries without their own catalog software, Find More Illinois can serve as an online catalog with interlibrary loan functionality. Find More Illinois does not replace catalog software or LLSAP membership. Some libraries (like Waynesville Township Library) may opt to implement Find More Illinois on its own, but in order to have a robust patron database and to manage local circulation of materials, libraries still need some form of ILS or library management software.

Libraries have multiple options for catalog software. They can explore the possibility of joining the LLSAP that best fits their geographic and other needs, or implement a standalone solution. Depending on circulation, collection size, and other factors unique to each library, there are a variety of lower-cost standalone options that may be suitable. Auto-Graphics offers a 20% discount to Illinois libraries on their Verso ILS, which integrates seamlessly with SHAREit, the software that runs Find More Illinois. There is a special pricing tier for libraries with annual circulation below 50,000. More information is on the RAILS Deals & Discounts page.

Setup for nonautomated libraries

Libraries without library software can join Find More Illinois, with some additional considerations for setup. All members of the program need the following:

  • A computer with a printer and barcode scanner
  • The latest version of the Firefox or Chrome web browsers
  • An internet connection with a minimum speed of 10Mbps
  • MARC records, call numbers, and barcodes for items in the collection
  • An electronic file of patron records with barcodes, names, and contact information

RAILS Find More Illinois support staff provide guidance for nonautomated libraries that need help creating MARC records, call numbers, or files of patron records. Financial assistance may also be available.